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The Enby Garden Manifesto
By Z.W. Smith

This is a manifestation of the Enby Garden that I have created in honor of two of my favorite things, plants and internet art of the 2000s. This manifestation is best viewed on desktop.


1. Infinity
The Enby Garden is infinite, eternal and for everyone.

2. Universality
The Enby Garden seeks to expand the idea of nonbinary beyond gender and into the realm of a vast and ever-growing connection of all things.

3. Tranquility
The Enby Garden is a metaphysical and internet-based space for reflection, relaxation and meditation.

4. Acknowledgement
The Enby Garden acknowledges the realities of grief, suffering and injustice and does not seek to diminish or conceal them.

5. Reclamation
The Enby Garden reclaims all anxiety, awkwardness, frivolity and cringe as passion, forthrightness, joy and honesty.
The message of the Enby Garden is simple: you deserve happiness.